We are making a short film called MONSTERS vs MACHINES. Most of the movie will be shot at the festival, and you can be in it! Lots of very talented people are giving their time to this production in the hope that we will inspire you all to make your own films and tell your own stories. We are eternally grateful to them!

To set the scene we have already shot a trailer - meet Peter Black, CEO of Open Mind.....

Welcome to the Naughty Step!

It was just a fleeting fantasy when we first announced that we were going to make a movie; it’s certainly not a fantasy anymore. In fact it is a very terrifyingly tangible reality!

Award-winning actor, Jonathan Hansler (as seen in My Family, The Drummond Will, and Axed), has brought villain, Peter Black, to life as Black teams up with his cyber-cyclone-sidekick, T.H.A.I, to ensure that “day dreaming becomes a thing of the past”.

The only question is: will they get away with it? And the only answer is: yes!

Black and T.H.A.I will most definitely get away with their entire, evil scheme unless we are able to cast some gallant heroes and heroines to stop them. Casting is open to everyone (and we mean everyone.) Below are details of how to audition for key roles, and also how to appear in the film as part of the larger supporting cast.

How to audition for key roles.

First off, which role might you be suitable for? Below are the 5 roles for main characters that we are casting.


(But you can still appear in the supporting cast, see below.)

How to appear in the film as supporting cast.

We will be shooting the movie on Saturday and Sunday at the festival with three opportunities to get in-front of the camera.

1. Misbehaving at Mealtimes

We have a very, very limited number of chances to one of our misbehaving kids - all you need to do is be able to get in front of a camera and act naughty! Everyone who takes part in this will be given a link to their very own online video of their part in the film and a lucky few will have their performance used in the film’s final edit.

This is a very important part of the Monsters vs Machines filming and as such spaces are limited. For this reason, this will be a sign-up activity. Sign-up will be available from 9am on Saturday outside the film tent and will operated a first-come-first-served policy. (There will also be a waiting list should people not make their time). We anticipate the at this will be very popular activity and advise that people arrive early for sign-up to avoid disappointment.

2. Wall of Naughty Kids

T.H.A.I likes to show just how many misbehaving children she can send to the naughty step at once and in doing that, she shows the audience endless shots of sad faces as children sit out their naughty step punishment.

To be one of the Naughty Kids, you simply need to be able to look sad, bored, or angry for a few moments (we appreciate that this is incredibly difficult at the Deer Shed Festival so you’ll have to draw on all of your acting abilities). This will be a drop-in activity running on Saturday.

3. Party Kids

At 10am on Sunday Morning, the film tent is throwing the biggest part of the Deer Shed Festival weekend! T.H.A.I’s lost all control and the kids are throwing an enormous virtual party. Bubbles, silly string, streamers, dancing, playing, skipping, stupidity, silliness and lots, and lots of fun, this is a chance to enjoy yourself whilst being part of one of the busiest, most exciting scenes in the entire film!

The party will be going on all day just with varying numbers of partiers – this is a really good opportunity to get yourself a part in the film.

Viewing Gallery

The tent has a viewing gallery which gives everyone the chance to watch the professional production team in action. Most of us don’t get many opportunities to be “on set” in our lifetimes – not to be missed.

Monsters VS Machines script and storyboards

Monsters Vs Machines Script v1.4.pdf

The Production Crew

We have a script to show you. Based on the story we have developed, top writer Ulric van den Bogaerde has finished a first draft of the screenplay which is below. Have a read and let us know what you think! (we're chuffed.)

We have a director. Yann Secouet is a very successful ad director and together we have developed our story. It is very exciting to have someone of his calibre and vision in such a key role.

Making all this happen is Producer Denise Galloway, she has over 25 years worth of experience in film and advertising and is also a member of BAFTA.

We have also got some other key professionals lined up. Tony Brown is our Director Of Photography. He has worked on films like Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and Pink Floyd The Wall as 2nd and 1st Camera Assistant as well as an enormous amount of more recent advertising work as Director of Photography.

Douglas Ingram is one of the best storyboard artists there is. Credits including Grand Budapest Hotel, Paddington, Fast & Furious 6, The King's Speech, Batman Begins... you get the idea, top notch. Working closely with Yann, Doug will over the next month or so help us to visualise our script.