Festival Congress Awards

AIF Festival Congress Awards

Festival awards are funny onions, everyone who puts on their own event deserves one. Having said that it is nice to have something you worked hard on recognised, especially by the membership of the Association Of Independent Festivals. Thanks to all the production crew for MONSTERS VS MACHINES, many of whom are hard at work on the post-production xxx

Deer Shed Festival 7 reviews

"This is a very big statement to make but I think that Deer Shed Festival could quite possibly be the best family festival in the UK." - Festivals For All read full review.

"Deer Shed: The Ultimate Family Festival. A bold statement in the title, but one richly deserved and let me explain why" - Subba Cultcha read full review.

"Deer Shed isn't just a marvellous festival, but THE one to attend for families and people of all ages, sitting several notches above its northern festival counterparts." - Efestivals read full review.

"Right. Let’s get something straight right from the start. Deer Shed 2016 was essentially perfect: a wondrous box of delights for young, middle and old alike." - There Goes The Fear read full review.

"Just like an old friend, Deer Shed still remains reassuringly familiar, rewarding and an absolute pleasure to be around." - God Is In The TV read full review.

And most importantly what you guys thought.

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Our take on the family friendly music festival thing.

We might rant on a bit here, sorry.

If you go and watch a Pixar movie with your children, everyone has a great time. Not just your kids, EVERYBODY!!! We strive for this holy-grail every year.

We don't have kid's areas as such, they're not zoo animals! The whole site is accessible to everyone and we will welcome you as though you were our house guests, which you essentially are.

But we are a cultural event too and you will be exposed to many new things. We like new things. You might be challenged by some of them, but we want every family member to leave Baldersby Park inspired, if that's ok.

And finally, our music line-up, hitting you through extremely high fidelity PA systems will be as thrilling and contemporary as you will find at any UK festival in 2016 - it's just that you can share that thrill with your kids and feel perfectly safe at the same time.

Oh, and if you don't have kids to bring, that's fine too xx

Meet Peter Black, CEO of Open Mind.

We are making a short film called MONSTERS vs MACHINES. Most of the movie will be shot at the festival, and you can be in it! Lots of very talented people are giving their time to this production in the hope that we will inspire you all to make your own films and tell your own stories. Find out more.

Comedy line-up announced!!

Edinburgh Festival Award Winner and Time Out Critic’s Choice, Mark Watson, heads up one of the most exciting Deer Shed Festival comedy line-ups in its seven year history. With the focus firmly back on traditional stand-up for 2016, Mark Watson leads Justin Moorhouse, Tony Jameson and an as yet unannounced special guest in an evening of entertainment, fun, and hilarity while the afternoon will play host to comedy favourites Rob Deering, Mrs Barbara Nice, and Tiernan Douieb. As ever this is PG-rated comedy fun for all the family!

Shows, shows, PG-RATED shows!!

Following a seven year tradition of great shows and theatre at Deer Shed Festival, we’re proud to announce our strongest ARTS line-up yet. Combining the tried and tested brilliance of some exceedingly successful Edinburgh Festival shows, plus loads more. Comedy, spoken word, literary and cinema coming soon!

Spoken Word and Literary programme announced!

Headlining our spoken word and literary programme this year we bring together Nick Ahad, Andy Burnham MP, Kate Fox, Adrian McNally and Marie Nixon under the watchful eye of Dave Simpson to tackle topics surrounding the cultural differences between England’s North and South. With all this talk of Northern Powerhouses we thought it might be pretty compelling to hear the views of those in the know. Find out more about the panel.

Over 80 workshops planned for July...

We've just announced our WORKSHOP programme for July, we might have overdone it if we're honest with over 80 so far. From Aardman to Michael Bourne, check out our workshops page - longer than any web page should be :)

Come to Deer Shed Festival 7 for FREE!

Volunteer for 8 hours over the festival weekend and get an adult ticket for FREE!! Find out all the details on our volunteering page.

Hartlepool Mail (from 2015)

"The best yet in Deer Shed's burgeoning reputation in what is becoming the north’s answer to the Latitude Festival" - full review

Festivals For All (from 2015)

"Deer Shed is a fantastic place for families to have their first taste of a music festival, not too big but with spacious camping, impeccably clean toilets, showers at a small charge, food to satisfy both the discerning and the fussy, and so much entertainment you could fill two weekends! When all that is coupled with the broad musical line up of Deer Shed 6 then it’s easy to see why this is a festival that people visit year after year" - full review

God Is In the TV (from 2015)

"Set in beautiful rolling countryside outside the North Yorkshire market town of Thirsk, Deer Shed has quickly established itself as the jewel in the north of England's summer festival crown. It is warm, welcoming and really rather wonderful." - full review

There Goes The Fear (from 2014)

"Because there's something about the atmosphere, the site and the families, which remains unmatched anywhere in festivaldom. And I'm willing to wager that for 99% of the audience at Deer Shed, that's what keeps them coming back year after year. Here's to Deer Shed's 6th birthday." - full review

Efestivals (from 2013)

"Deer Shed is jam packed with quality. The organisers have clearly given much thought to what all members of the family will want within a festival and have gone a considerable way to delivering that. The science of family friendly festivals is being preserved in North Yorkshire. If you have a child under 10 then this should be a must-do on your festival list. If you simply want a weekend full of quality entertainment, then it should definitely be considered" - full review

What To Do With The Kids (from 2013)

"And most importantly, Deer Shed creates a space where children, tweens and teens can be introduced to festivals, make new friends, have an amazing time and be safe, while parents, aunts and uncles and grandparents can enjoy themselves as adults, listen to bands, have a few drinks, and have a rest from being the entertainers themselves. Deer Shed, you’ve created the perfect balance. We love you, and will be back next year" - full review

The Guardian (from 2011)

"As children tired and news spread about Amy Winehouse, I Am Kloot's stunning songs of 'drinking and disaster' sound ever-more mournful underneath the stars. When an otherwise chirpy John Bramwell dedicated an almost unbearably sad I Still Do to the departed singer, he provided something that seemed unthinkable at 2pm: the Deer Shed moment" - 4/5 stars - full review


We endeavour to book a broad music programme with lots of variety and quality thrown in. Contemporary, sometimes challenging but always highly entertaining. Have a look at our complete line-up!


From Literary and Spoken Word to some fantastic Family Shows, Cinema, Theatre, Storytelling and Other gubbins. Our Arts programme is usually announced at the end of April. Have a look at our progress so far!


The Deer Shed Science Tent has become an integral part of the festival of the years. As many accessible, hands-on and FUN activities as we can cram in a 200ft tent. This year's science programme.


We are really excited this year to have secured a new sports arena from our neighbours in Baldersby Park. Queen Mary's school has very kindly lent us their rather beautiful sports field to use over the weekend.

So we are pushing the boat out on sporty activities for 2016. So football with predictable bounces plus loads of other sporty pursuits...check out our sporty page.

Baldersby Park is a lovely place to camp and making sure that you have plenty of space is always a top priority, even if it means shuffling things about a bit.

Ninety percent of the space is dedicated to family camping with the remainder for those who are attending without kids.


Bring your own tent, bring your campervan or caravan or choose from one of our glamping options.

Proud to support the Candlelighters


We are once again delighted to support the Candlelighters this year, a fantastic charity doing great work supporting the families of children with cancer.

Disability Access

Attitude Is Everything Banner

Deer Shed Festival are committed to maintaining great standards of access for everyone, we want to make sure we continue to have great access onsite and continue to put the time into achieving this wherever we possibly can. Please read all our access information before you book your tickets. Alternatively download the word document detailing our access options here.

Issuu - Deer Shed Festival 6 programme Buy Festival Tickets At Ticketscript
Adult 16+ full weekend ticket (earlybird)£105 (face value £99.48) SOLD OUT
Adult 16+ full weekend ticket (tier 1)£115 (face value £109.05) SOLD OUT
Adult 16+ full weekend ticket (tier 2)£125 (face value £118.62) AVAILABLE
Adult 16+ full weekend ticket (tier 3)£135 (face value £128.19) NOT RELEASED
Adult 16+ full weekend ticket (tier 4)£145 (face value £137.76) NOT RELEASED
Child full weekend ticket (11 to 15)£45 (face value £42.06) AVAILABLE
Child full weekend ticket (6 to 10)£45 (face value £42.06) AVAILABLE
Child full weekend ticket (3 to 5)£10 (face value £8.57) AVAILABLE
Child full weekend ticket (0 to 2)FREE (ticket still required) AVAILABLE
Sunday night camping per tent or live-in vehicle
Only valid for holders of full weekend* tickets
See our information page for more details
£50 (face value £46.85)
Car parking per car
(Not required if you buy a glamping option)
£10 in advance inclusive of fees
£15 on gate
Campervan / caravan / trailer tent full weekend
Car parking included. ADDITIONAL ticket required for tents or awnings
£50 (face value £46.85) AVAILABLE
Campervan / caravan / trailer tent full weekend
Must be purchased in addition to standard Campervan / caravan / trailer tent ticket if your caravan/campervan has an awning or tent.
£15 (face value £13.35) AVAILABLE
Camping in a tent, no size restrictionsFREE

Weekend tickets DO NOT include Sunday night camping passes
See our information page for more details

In purchasing tickets you are subject to our terms and conditions.

Tickets will be despatched electronically.

Please email support@ticketscript.co.uk with purchase problems.

No day tickets for DSF8, we want you all weekend.

Kids under 16 must be accompanied by at least one adult (18+).

You can only buy 10 tickets per transaction from Ticketscript.

No additional charges will be added to ticket purchases.

Any other ticketing questions please email tickets@deershedfestival.com

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